Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mining Real Gold in Nicaragua

Investigate a New Gold Mining Venture in Nicaragua.
Private Investors wanted to Learn how this Venture can be an Offshore Investment and
Tax Shelter for Investors. Also can be used for Companies that show high profits and need tax
deductions for their Company.

We can help you set up an offshore Bank in Nicaragua ,Panama and Costa Rica

Call or ask for the Directors of this company called Nicaragua Gold Corp, registered in
Toronto Ontario Canada.

The Gold Mining Operation is in the Gold District of Bonanza, the North East Section of
Nicarauga. The community is called Los Cocos.

At present what are your personal investments and Bank Accounts bringint to you
in real profits.

Call Jerry Ross 416 285 1980, or cell 647 886 8000 or email:
for more details and learn how you can have a 25% ownership in this company. It is
much better than holding shares in Mining Companies.

Call Now. jerry Ross